Chickens and Ducks

Over the years, Karla has kept many chickens and ducks. She relates a story of when she was a child, she would sneak outside and get her pet duck Jack, and bring him inside to sleep with her. Waking up to a huge mess in her bed, and her mother would be both angry and silent, trying to keep Karla's dad from finding out! Many ducks have come and gone since Jack, but Karla's love for them remains strong.

Early spring is when Tractor Supply will have their chicks in stock. This past spring, Karla set out to replace the six chickens we had lost to some neighborhood dogs last year. Karla picked out seven chickens and three ducks. She compulsively drove back to the store later that week and purchased seven more chickens and three more ducks. They are all still alive.

Karla and Jack

Karla and Jack - one of my favorite pictures of Karla. Her and Jack were quite the pair.

Bantam hens in a setting competition. Soft, downy ducks. These ducks are up to something. Young hippy chicks and their keeper. This chicken is a jerk. Birds of a feather. Ducks hanging out. First day out. Come on over to my place. These hens waiting for a ride. This is a Spitzhauben. These chickens have a pointy crest on their head. Four hot ladies. A New Hampshire Red hen taking up a prime seat. Bodine. Geese at night.