Goats and Such

Karla has been a goat lover ever since she was a little girl. As a child, some of her siblings developed allergies to cow's milk. This motivated her parents to acquire some milk-goats and Karla thought these were delightful! Over the years, Karla has owned many types of goat. She's had rough 'brush goats' used to clear land and she's had Alpine and Nubian goats too, but her clear preference is small African Pygmy goats. Currently Karla has six goats.

Just before Karla's last old goat passed away at the age of 17 years, Karla sought out a younger batch. Purchasing two adult females, both fat and sassy, she brought them home and socialized them with her old "Ellie May" goat. After Ellie passed away, Karla found a fine young male to use for breeding and set up Karla's goat farm. The females came with names, Snow and Nono. Karla named her male Pancho, but we've only ever called him "pants".

Karla has animals other than goats however, Karla's barnyard can be home to about anything.

Nono (front), Pants (right), & Snow (rear)</br>
                Nono and Snow were 'pre-owned' and thus 'pre-named'. We call the black and white goat Pants but his
                real name is <em>Pancho</em> <strong>Megan and Morgan</strong> were born in May 2017. They fuss the loudest at dinner time. <strong>Nellie</strong> was a surprise child, born sometime between breakfast and brunch one day this past November Megan, Snow, and Morgan The Majestic Morgan! Three goats a-grazing. Goats on a Stump. Goats LOVE to eat! Megan at five minutes old. Snow Nellie Nursey Nursey. Nono, Snow, and Pants. Ellie May is one of Karla's most iconic goats. Ellie lived on the farm for seventeen years and was mistress of her domain. This is Ellie May's mother shortly before birthing the queen-goat. I think she looks a lot like our current goat Snow. Karla's brother thinks it's a funny trick to place large rocks in peoples yard. I don't think it's so funny, but the goats sure do like it. We didn't always name our goats. This is one from the Ellie May generation. A goat chewing her cud. Very little is certain in life, but one thing you can count on is that goats are hearty eaters. Karla sheparding the herd.