Karla's Garden

Karla's started gardening relatively recently. She has kept farm animals her whole life, but she's only been gardening a little over 10 years. She has tried many types of gardens, from a large patch in the backyard to a more reasonable flower bed, but she always goes a little overboard every spring when the nurseries start putting out their inventories. Karla has a green thumb and pretty much anything she plants will come up. If it doesn't she will try again until she gets it. Lately Karla has been into succulents.

Karla loves growing daffodils. Here are some varieties Another Karla daffodil. Notice the golden centers on the pale flower A golden daffodil Look at the delicate colors on this daffodil A daffodil cluster Cats are important to any garden. How else will you know if you're doing it correctly. One of Karla's early 'large' gardens. We got a lot of vegetables out of this one. This picture looks like a mess, but Karla was taking a gallon of tomatoes to work every day with this planting. This beautiful iris. Gardens attract many visitors. I love this dragonfly. The flower beds are less work than the big gardens, but they still take time. Some pink cone flowers and pink and white lillies. Karla's tulips. Fancy tulips. These brightly colored zinnias. My grandma used to call these 'zinnies'. Some white cone flowers. Deep red gladiolus. Irises come in many colors. The color variety is what makes irises a fun flower to grow. Karla and her cone flowers. Cone flowers are also called Echinacia. Karla put a birdhouse in the midst of these lillies. Another garden cat. Karla rescued these orchids from a corporate luncheon. They looked dead, but she was able to bring them back. Karla grew this pineapple plant from the top of a pineapple we got at Walmart. Pineapple progress. Karla's husband plucked and ate this pineapple. Karla posing with an enormous zuchinni. She can grow wonderful zuchinni. We have quite the variety of pansies at Karla's Farm. These deep-red lillies. Karla went overboard with the succulents this year. Here are some of the small pots she planted. Succulents. Polite cactus.