Karla's Dogs

Karla has always raised Collies. When she was a young child, her family had a couple of collies, George and Ginger, that roamed freely around the neighborhood and would protect the kids from snakes and other hazards. Karla was always impressed at the intelligence that the dogs displayed and as a teenager she had a tri-color female named Nina. When Nina passed away Karla got another tri-color female named Gilda. Karla has kept other breeds of course, but she always returns to her collies.

A blue merle smooth collie chilling on the patio. Notice the expression. Collies are judged largely on expression Adult collies in a large group will play just like puppies. A beautiful sable checking out her surroundings. Most of our collies are smooth coated. Here we have a rough collie on the right. Karla at a dog show in 2009. Karla has gotten championships on many of her collies. Rough coat or smooth coat. Collies like the snow! Karla's dogs like her almost as much as she likes them.

About these Collies

Collies are most associated in the public concience with Lassie but the breed has more depth than that. Here are some collie facts:

One difference between the coat types: the smooths can run circles around the roughs. Yes, this happened This is our current dog, Smith. Karla gave this dog an apple. She had to roll on the ground before eating it. A rough coat blue merle at a dog show. The derp is strong with this one. A blue merle smooth in the snow. A tri-color rough coat. We like to get out with the dogs as much as possible. Here we are at Tindle Park in Benton My dogs complain when they get 'Advantage' put on their necks. I show them this picture so they can see what getting 'dipped' is all about.