Down at the barn

Karla has always had a love for critters. Over the years her barn has kept busy with goats, sheep, geese, ducks, chickens, peacocks, barn cats, llamas and the like. Right now, Karla has six goats and a llama, but the photos below reveal just some of her past tenants.

Tony llama and the four bettys. To clarify, a female sheep is not called a 'betty', Karla just named all four sheep Betty. Karla's hair sheep. This kind of sheep doesn't grow traditional wool and doesn't have to be sheared. They do get large, however and can be quite a handful when you have to give them a pill or something. They are all very sweet. You need lots of grazing land with sheep. They can really clean a field! Karla's husband giving Tony Llama a hug. With his ears pointing to the back, you can tell he doesn't really like this. This is not my cat. But he hangs out here and we do feed him so he's like, 14% our cat. This is Karla's rabbit Mikey posing with some Emu eggs we found. Ivy is checking out the rabbit. She thinks she's being sneaky. Just a couple of peahens catching up on the latest gossip. This is an old photo of some of Karla's Ducks. Karla has always been particularly fond of ducks.

Llama's 'ᴙ' Cool!

Karla got her first llama about 20 years ago. We still had the pet shop in those days and a lady called needing to find a home for her llama because she was moving. It turned out that the woman had gotten 'Llama Joe' in the same way, so we really didn't know much about him since we were (at least) the third owners. But he was a lot of fun. You could coax him into your van with a little corn, and he would just lay still as you drove him wherever you were heading. We learned some interesting things about llamas: